Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wardrobe Capsule

Nothing To Wear...

It's kind of like chasing my tail every morning, I wake up, give thanks, work out (well I watch workout videos & it's basically the same thing, right), eat, shower & then there it is... what seems like an eternity of me standing there starring at my closet full of nothing to wear. Sound familiar?
   Such a drag & I end up either fashionably late or unfashionably on time. BUT during one of my late night Pinterest binges I stumbled across Wardrobe Capsule, I scrolled past it a few times but just like a new pair of shoes it just kept finding its way back into my life lol
    So what is it???
Well, it's pretty much a 33 piece minimalist wardrobe made up of items that you absolutely love. You do get to tweet the items seasonally. At first I thought "no way!" but all of the pics of neat closets did inspire me to at least clean mine up a bit.
    & that's where it began, what started off as a simple 'organize & color coordinate'  ended up as a 'trash or treasure'. I went through my entire wardrobe & got rid of all of 5 items. SAD, I KNOW! I went through it a second time & then a third. 3 huge trash bags later I was on a roll & so proud of myself. I even got rid of some purses, wallets & jewelry. Not going to lie, I didn't even touch my shoes but hey a girls gotta learn to crawl before she can go jump off that bridge.
 So after the first few bags were gone & I could actually see all of the items in my closet & drawers I got really excited about this new minimalist wardrobe capsule thingy. I do have to say that going through my wardrobe & picking out items to get rid of was not easy for me. Instead the husband had a great idea, start with the things to keep so I went through & picked out my absolute faves. Then I made 3 more piles... the "I like" pile, the "will fit me again one day" pile & the "I still own you?" pile. First to go were the last 2 piles then I sifted through the "I like" pile & did a pretty good job of narrowing down my wardrobe to clothes that fit well, are flattering & best of all clothes I know I'll wear with confidence. In the end was it 33 items, umm not exactly but it's a great start:)
PROS: getting ready is a lot faster & less stressful
CONS: I ended up having to get rid of all my jeans cause they didn't fit anymore... which brings me right back around to PROS: I went jean shopping:)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Anniversary!!! Yesterday 01/28/2014 was the one year anniversary of me opening the doors at my makeup, lash & tanning studio along with launching my own makeup line... It was definitely hard work but has been so worth it. I started this business on some birthday money when I was 16 and now I have a son about that age, couldn't be prouder of myself.  There are more exciting things in store for LBB and I can't wait to share them all!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sunday, December 15, 2013

12/12/12... we made it to our 1 yr anniversary 12/12/13 without killing each other... love him!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


LONG LASTING I've tried a lot of liners & my FAVORITE by far are the M.A.C PowerPoint pencil eyeliners. They go on SMOOTH, WATERPROOF, TRANSFER RESISTANT & LAST ALL DAY & NIGHT! I believe there are about 14 or so shades to choose from in metallic & matte finishes, my fave being "Engraved", it's a matte black. Cost is $15.00 <3
For best results use the M.A.C pencil sharpener (around $6.00) with the PowerPoint Eye Liners.